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This mat can sense the steps to simulate sound textures under your feets.

The x-surface is an e-textile sensor mat used to make playful and expressive scenographies. Walking on the leaves, walking on the snow, walking in the puddles, walking on, walking on the moon. This idea came from a series of interactives floor projects like the Giant keyboard made for people with disabilities, or the development of the Surface project used for events and shrooms. Knitted with a 3D structure this sensor mat is made up of a network of e-textile switches that resist against the stresses of the steps.

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This project is free hardware an free software, feel free to fork it, make it, use it for your own needs. Feedback is more than appreciate and pull requests are welcome :)


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The x-surface is an ongoing project, if you are interested or need more informations about it, please contact us.